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As a longtime giver of unsolicited advice to friends and family, I decided (for better or worse) to offer those very thoughts to friends and strangers alike. I believe in the power of conversation and the bonds that it can build, especially within women. I built this blog and brand as a platform for sharing. A place to be discuss topics ranging from fitness and relationships, to power women and the latest tech trends.

The older I get, the more I understand the need for women to support each other, lend a hand, an ear, an opinion… We are such a unique group, capable of more than we even know. Historically, the mere words of women have started and ended wars, its time we realize that and begin to have MORE conversations together. It is on those same notes the ‘Shape & Chic’ brand was built… a logo that embodies forward movement and the chic touch of the female being plus the bold power of pink.

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