Closeup of notebook/computer

New Year, New Ideas

I have been noodling over what I wanted to say with the launch of this new website… And hidden deep in scraps of paper covered in doodles, notes, and random thoughts, I’ve found it. Buried in the middle of 7 or 8 different lists, the words staring up at me and I giggle as I read them out loud…

Hey, I have a lot of ideas.

Ground-breaking? No. Simple and true? Yes. Along with the phrase comes a bit of a background story. When it came to revamping my website after one of the strangest and busiest years of my life, I found myself trying to simplify. I asked myself what I wanted people to know about Maxwell Design and naturally, I arrived at a simple answer.

Closeup of notebook/journalThis may not mean much to you now but imagine we are having a conversation about your business and you share your story with me. You’re looking for ways to get more leads, ensure consistency in your brand, and make your business look more like your business? I think you know where I am going with this.

“This is so exciting, I have a lot of ideas.”

Every single project is exciting and unique. I hope this year brings you closer to those exciting and unique goals, whatever they may be – but if you find yourself needing support, please remember that Maxwell Design is here to give you a hand and “I have a lot of ideas.”