Soap Fifty Four

Jennifer (amazing soap maker) is a friend and co-worker of mine and the minute she sent me samples of her soap I was hooked. She specializes in handcrafted salt and soap bars made with essential oils. She had the name “Soap 54”, an immeasurable passion for her product and a clear vision for what her brand should reflect… all I really had to do was help things come to fruition.

We started with a custom logo-type and then moved on to custom packaging… coming up with a system that helped her tailor each soap to a special line and category to match. The labels feature graphic elements that mimic what you would find in each line of soap. Go buy her soap here!

I have to say this was one of my favorite projects, maybe it was the free samples! *Not only is Jennifer an amazing soap maker, she is a killer photographer and all of the photos used in this post belong to her.**

Agency: Maxwell Design  |  ©SoapFiftyFour |  ©Jennifer G.

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