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Graphic Design

Strategy comes first, design comes second.

Bring on the Marketing Collateral, Tradeshow Graphics and Ad Campaigns. Or wrap your product in unique Packaging and more…

We cannot only craft your message, but we’ll help you bring it to life, and then get it out there. From a laser-focused ad campaign to a large-scale environmental installation, you need design-thinkers to walk-the-walk, and don’t worry we can lead the way.

Build your brand, one design at a time…

  • The key is consistency and cohesive messaging, and we can’t wait to get to know you.
  • To grow, sell, or attract anyone to your business you need to tell your story and have it heard.
  • Through a tried and true process, we’re here to align your visual communication efforts with your goals.

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Marketing Collateral // Tradeshow Graphics & Displays // Advertising Campaigns //
Packaging // Annual Brochures // You dream it, we make it.

In my 25-plus years of working with graphic artists, Amy stands out as the best. She combines incredible design chops and technical skills with tremendous organization and attention to detail. Super-talented, creative, upbeat and professional are words I’d use to describe her. I truly can’t recommend her highly enough.

Christi Golder

Amy is a brilliant, professional, and reliable designer. She can take minimal direction and come back with stunning work, every, single, time. Anything from polishing a PPT to a full brand development. She is flawlessly professional when presenting to a client, as well as when giving internal direction to other designers. She is a critical asset to our team and it’s an honor to work with her. My only hesitation in recommending her, is that I want to retain as much of her time for our team as possible :). I have no doubt she will continue to grow and create even more incredible work. If you hire or work with Amy, you will not regret it.

Loren Polster
Loren Polster Design Solutions

Working with Amy was exciting and relaxing. I am so happy with my logo and packaging and plan to work with Amy again in the future. I not only recommend Amy for her marketing and design skills but also for her ability to make an important process in my business easy to understand and very successful.

Jennifer Greenland

Amy is truly amazing. She’s not just a designer, she’s a thinker… a true artist. I’ve been directing creative teams for over 10 years, and she’s one of the few who was up to speed from the start. That’s a rare talent in my book.

Patrick Smith
dboy Creative

Amy is diligent, talented, and organized. She takes complex projects, simplifies them, and turns it into beauty. We absolutely love working with her – she’s personable and dependable. She’s an asset to our team and we’re so happy we found her!

Adrienne Vendetti
How To Be A Redhead

We’re so thankful to have Amy on our team at Big Fish for literally ALL our graphic design projects. Strategic thinking, creativity, and flawless execution are her jam. We have very high standards, and she always exceeds them and continues to excite us with incredible work. Simply put, Amy’s indispensable.

Rachel Popp
Big Fish

Amy is an innovative, passionate creative. She’s constantly searching for fresh, new ideas; her attention to detail is impeccable and her drive to create a meaningful brand for our clients makes her an asset to any team.

Elizabeth Galloway
Brandon Agency

Amy truly is a design guru. We approached her as a partner in designing our new website and we could not be happier with the outcome. After a few brief discovery calls, Amy was speaking our language. She was able to transform our vision into an aesthetic design that well represented the CED Brand. We would highly recommend her and continue to leverage her for all of our design needs.

Kelly Rowell