Wild Lettie

Wild Lettie is often the girl with the quick wit and a laugh that can intoxicate a room. The one who never ends a conversation without a pinch of sarcasm sprinkled in. She can be found charging boldly, intentionally, barefoot through the woods. Or sunbathing by the lake, taking in the fresh air and warm summer sun. She smells like summer all year long. She has a deep respect for our planet and strives to protect the incredible open spaces where she roams.

She’s Wild Lettie. Invigorated, inspired, exhilarated. She’s the spirit and spark inside that makes you feel alive.

The brand we created for Wild Lettie embodies all of this and more. Get out there and live – and don’t forget to grab some gear.

@Wild Lettie
Big Fish Collective + Maxwell Design
Services Provided:
  • Branding
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